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Temporal data reality: In BI, time is of the essence
To fully understand their analytics data, organizations need to incorporate temporal data capabilities into data warehouses and business intelligence systems, consultant Barry Devlin says.

Time has come for analytics and BI in the cloud, vendors say
A slew of new cloud BI and analytics announcements could give businesses more reasons to consider whether now is the time to jump into the cloud for data analysis applications.

Keys to avoiding pitfalls on analytical models: testing, relevancy
Predictive modeling can lead to some pretty bad insights when done poorly, but overcoming some common issues can help users sidestep problems on predictive analytics projects.

Ensemble modeling helps businesses hit right analytics notes
Ensemble modeling was once primarily thought of as an academic pursuit, but more businesses are starting to take advantage of the predictive modeling technique.

Balance required between big data volume, analytics needs
Many businesses implementing big data analytics applications focus on the size of their data sets, when what they should really focus on is whether they have the right data.

Don't let these big data myths derail your analytics project
A number of myths about big data have proliferated in recent years. Don't let these common misperceptions kill your analytics project.

Featured Research Study

November 2012
Insights on the Run: Best Practices in Implementing Mobile BI
One way to make business intelligence more pervasive is to deliver it to business users instead of making them log in to a portal or dashboard. Mobile intelligence applications exploit the...

September 2012
Business-Driven BI
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson, TechTargetís Director of Research in Business Applications and Architecture Media Group, provides strategies and tips for self-service business intelligence.

June 2012
Exploiting Big Data: Strategies for Integrating with Hadoop to Deliver Business Insights
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson describes the emerging big data ecosystem in which Hadoop and analytical databases play an increasingly important role.

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