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BI teams cater to users to boost self-service analytics adoption
Self-service business intelligence and analytics tools require thoughtful deployment plans to get business users to willingly integrate them into operational workflows.

Building a data lake architecture can drag unprepared users under
Organizations have found that they can't just jump into a data lake -- it requires a strategic approach to building an architecture that can support it.

How do I get experience for a business intelligence job?
IT professionals who want to move into business intelligence roles should take classes, advises careers expert Matt Mueller -- or accept an entry-level position.

Self-service tools, data visualization software give BI a new look
Self-service business intelligence and data visualization tools can make it easier for business users to analyze BI data. But there's a lot that needs to be done up front to make that happen.

Agile practices, DevOps approach take on NoSQL modeling issues
For many data management teams, going through application code is the only way to find NoSQL data models. But there are ways to change that, according to this Talking Data podcast.

Four steps to integrating social media metrics into the BI process
In a book excerpt, Krish Krishnan and Shawn Rogers explore how organizations can take advantage of insights provided by social business intelligence.

Featured Research Study

November 2012
Insights on the Run: Best Practices in Implementing Mobile BI
One way to make business intelligence more pervasive is to deliver it to business users instead of making them log in to a portal or dashboard. Mobile intelligence applications exploit the...

September 2012
Business-Driven BI
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson, TechTargetís Director of Research in Business Applications and Architecture Media Group, provides strategies and tips for self-service business intelligence.

June 2012
Exploiting Big Data: Strategies for Integrating with Hadoop to Deliver Business Insights
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson describes the emerging big data ecosystem in which Hadoop and analytical databases play an increasingly important role.

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