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How to be pessimistically optimistic about deep learning technology
Deep learning tools are all the rage right now, with many people predicting big things. But one expert says the ultimate payoff -- while real -- is likely to be more modest.

Hadoop jumps in Spark stream -- goes beyond batch processing
Batch processing came, went and returned. Now it may be leaving again, MapR's Jack Norris tells the Talking Data podcasters.

Exploring Microsoft Power BI SaaS analytics products
Microsoft Power BI SaaS analytics lets users view their most critical data via a live dashboard, create interactive reports and access their data on the go.

End-user focus central to solid data visualization process
BI teams often fail to deliver on the promise of data visualization applications, unless they combine effective visualization techniques with input from business users on what's really needed.

TIBCO Analytics targets data-driven users
TIBCO Spotfire provides users with self-service analytics capabilities, while TIBCO Jaspersoft aims to enable developers to make faster decisions based on actionable data.

Shortage of data scientists, big data pros vexes IoT efforts
There's an abundance of big data technologies that can support Internet of Things projects, but the pool of IT professionals with the advanced know-how to handle massive amounts of IoT data is limited.

Featured Research Study

November 2012
Insights on the Run: Best Practices in Implementing Mobile BI
One way to make business intelligence more pervasive is to deliver it to business users instead of making them log in to a portal or dashboard. Mobile intelligence applications exploit the...

September 2012
Business-Driven BI
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson, TechTargetís Director of Research in Business Applications and Architecture Media Group, provides strategies and tips for self-service business intelligence.

June 2012
Exploiting Big Data: Strategies for Integrating with Hadoop to Deliver Business Insights
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson describes the emerging big data ecosystem in which Hadoop and analytical databases play an increasingly important role.

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