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Hadoop clusters provide single spot for spreadmarts, analytics
Consultant Wayne Eckerson says Hadoop offers a platform for reining in the spreadmarts set up by individual data analysts and business users, while still giving them a place to do self-service analytics.

Do you need to fill the chief data officer role?
The chief data officer role is becoming more common. This tip shows how businesses can implement it successfully.

Dyche: Don't fill chief data officer role until you're ready for it
Consultant Jill Dych

Managing privacy in the age of big data
Businesses that overlook privacy in the age of big data do so at their own peril. Commentators say greater respect for privacy is needed.

Hadoop: Gauging the total cost of data
What does open-source Hadoop really cost? A look at total cost of data over the full life cycle helps dispel uncertainties about the data framework and reveal the answer, an expert says.

Big data analytics projects raise stakes for predictive models
Before starting the analytical modeling process for big data analytics applications, organizations need to have the right skills in place -- and figure out how much data needs to be analyzed to produce accurate findings.

Featured Research Study

November 2012
Insights on the Run: Best Practices in Implementing Mobile BI
One way to make business intelligence more pervasive is to deliver it to business users instead of making them log in to a portal or dashboard. Mobile intelligence applications exploit the...

September 2012
Business-Driven BI
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson, TechTargetís Director of Research in Business Applications and Architecture Media Group, provides strategies and tips for self-service business intelligence.

June 2012
Exploiting Big Data: Strategies for Integrating with Hadoop to Deliver Business Insights
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson describes the emerging big data ecosystem in which Hadoop and analytical databases play an increasingly important role.

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