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NoSQL DB vendors gain recognition -- more adoption next hurdle
Despite finding their way into Gartner Magic Quadrant reports, vendors of NoSQL databases are still in the early-adopter stage with users. Is there a need for NoSQL software in your organization?

In-memory database systems worth thinking about, McKnight says
Consultant William McKnight talks about the potential uses of in-memory databases and the processing benefits they can provide to organizations.

Loshin: Self-service technology helps bring BI into CRM programs
Consultant David Loshin explains the business benefits that self-service BI tools can provide to help users circumvent IT challenges in CRM analytics.

Dundee starts data engineering masters to span computer science
The University of Dundee is adding a data engineering MSc degree to its business intelligence and data science masters programmes

Utility department runs customer behavior analytics to keep power flowing
The City of Palo Alto Utility has turned to customer behavior analytics to help smooth spikes in demand, helping to keep the city cool.

BI data storytelling pegged as key to driving executive action
At the 2014 TDWI Executive Summit in Boston, consultant Tony Bodoh provided tips and outlined a step-by-step process for creating effective business intelligence presentations that motivate business executives to take action.

Featured Research Study

November 2012
Insights on the Run: Best Practices in Implementing Mobile BI
One way to make business intelligence more pervasive is to deliver it to business users instead of making them log in to a portal or dashboard. Mobile intelligence applications exploit the...

September 2012
Business-Driven BI
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson, TechTargetís Director of Research in Business Applications and Architecture Media Group, provides strategies and tips for self-service business intelligence.

June 2012
Exploiting Big Data: Strategies for Integrating with Hadoop to Deliver Business Insights
In this research report, Wayne Eckerson describes the emerging big data ecosystem in which Hadoop and analytical databases play an increasingly important role.

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