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Executive Summary

Insights on the Run: Best Practices in Implementing Mobile BI
Many companies are using mobile devices to deliver business intelligence (BI). In fact, the rate of adoption for BI applications on mobile devices is higher than the rate of adoption on all other platforms. Mobile BI applications are easier to use and more convenient, and they support task-based operations that require near-real-time attention.

Here are the key findings in this report:

  • Status. Nearly a quarter of companies have deployed a mobile BI application, and another 20% are under development.

  • Penetration. The percentage of users who use BI applications will climb from 13% today to 34% in 18 months.

  • Applications. The number of mobile BI applications that companies deploy will climb from 3.0 today to 8.9 in 18 months.

  • Users. The most prevalent users of mobile BI applications are executives (67%), managers (61%), field sales and technical representatives (48%) and operations managers and supervisors (43%).

  • Adoption. The adoption rate of mobile BI applications is higher than the adoption rate of traditional BI applications in 58% of companies.

  • BI artifacts. The most common type of BI deliverable for mobile devices is a dashboard (97%), followed by reports (69%) and analysis (55%).

  • Interactivity. The most common types of BI interactivity on mobile devices is viewing static content (96%) and navigatingódrilling, pivoting, sortingócontent (90%).

  • Device ownership. A majority of companies (67%) contain a mix of company-issued and employee-owned mobile devices, while at one third of companies (33%) mobile devices are solely company-issued.

  • Architecture. Companies have a mix of applications running on native mobile operating systems (39%), HTML5 browsers (19%) and a combination of the two (42%).

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