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Data Warehouse Appliances: Evolution or Revolution?

by Richard Hackathorn, Colin White

The data warehouse appliance has been a revolution in the practice of data warehousing, enabling enterprises to conduct business in entirely new ways.

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Case Studies

  • TEOCO Corporation
    To solve its performance problems, TEOCO decided to build a separate data mart for reporting and analysis, and opted for a data warehouse appliance approach.
  • The Pepsi Bottling Group
    The Pepsi Bottling Group’s sales data mart environment was due for a hardware upgrade, and the Data Services Group wanted to transform it into an enterprise data warehouse. IBM was challenged to deliver an integrated data warehouse solution.
  • Epsilon Data Management, LLC
    By using a data warehouse appliance as a major component in the building of its data warehousing systems, Epsilon has considerably reduced costs to its clients compared to more traditional database software technology.
  • Frontier Airlines, Inc.
    Frontier chose to purchase Greenplum Database, which supports shared nothing, massively parallel database processing on commodity hardware.
  • Network Solutions
    Network Solutions needed to grow their data warehouse to support urgent analytical needs, while maximizing the business benefits for the company.

Vendor Solutions

  • DATAllegro
  • IBM Balanced Warehouse
  • Netezza
  • Sun/Greenplum
  • Teradata Solution

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